We have a fully equipped analytical laboratory with 800 square metres of laboratory 

                 space housing customized analytical equipment to provide support towards product development 

                 decisions and quality assurance:








Environment test laboratory

Thermal shock test chamber

Constant temperature and humidity chamber

Vibration machine

Transportation vibration machine

Drop test machine

            Electronic test laboratory

            Charge and discharge test machine

            ESD test instrument

            AC impedance detector

            LCR detector

            DC power

            Loading detector

            Wall charger detector

            Charge hi-pot detector

            Soldeting iron

Chemistry test laboratory

Gas chromatography-mass selective detector

Gas chromatography detector

Density detector

PH vaule detector

Refractive index

Ultrasonic cleaner instrument


Electronic balance


            Safety test laboratory

            Low pressure test chamber

            Nail penetrating test machine

            Crush test machine

            Impact test machine

            Short-circuit test machine

            Overcharge and over discharge test machine